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I write too much ;; [Jul. 28th, 2009|05:18 pm]
Dignified Squee-- Writing Community of the Insane


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Title: Dilemma
Fandom: Island-verse, Detective Conan/Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's crossover.
Characters: Kazuha and Crow
For: sevetenks
Prompt: Thievery and crime
Notes: ... I got nothing.
Summary: A police officer's daughter and a marked thief are always going to have problems seeing eye-to-eye.

It wasn't the first time Kazuha had questioned herself about her choice of company, and she was sure that it wouldn't be the last. It had to be some odd joke of fate that a chance meeting would lead to adventures that could rival some of the murder investigations she'd accompanied Heiji on, and that the weird guy she'd so blithely called "Spiky-han" would become a close friend and an almost daily occurrence in her life.

It was after another aikido practice session with both of them winded and sprawled on their backs. Kazuha hadn't been thinking of anything in particular, just that one of the clouds looked like one of Crow's Markers, which had directed her thoughts to the thief himself.

"My dad would probably flip his lid if he saw me now," she mumbled, not expecting her companion to hear her.

He did. "Why's that? His daughter getting all hot and sweaty with a guy? Hey, it's not your fault I'm irresistible-- it's a joke," he quickly added, seeing her turn her head enough to give him a warning glare. "Because I'm a thief, right?"

Kazuha's gaze returned to the sky, her way of confirming it. "What you do is illegal, and the police punish the law-breakers. If you were from our world, there wouldn't be any of your duels. You get caught, and that's it. No matter your reasons, you're still a criminal."

Her voice was softer than usual, and Crow propped himself up on one elbow to look at her. "You just sound like you're trying to convince yourself, Kazuha."

"Most of the murderers had reasons, too!" She snapped. "Maybe the victim caused the death of someone they cared about, or ruined their lives, or they were about to do something really bad--"

"Kazuha, I don't--"

"There was a guy who was killed because he didn't want to plane the edges on toys to make them safer for kids; I guess he thought it'd be cheaper, but then we found out he had a lot of money. That means any of the kids who bought his toys might get hurt."

"What?!" And now Crow sat up completely, scowling. "That bastard, hurting a bunch of innocent little kids--!!"

Kazuha appeared to have expected this reaction, as she continued to stare upwards. "But a crime's a crime. Maybe your Security guys are different, but the Osaka police are a really honest bunch, and if they felt sorry for even one criminal, thief or murderr, it'd be going against their jobs. Even if it was you, they'd go after you."

The thief caught a laugh in time, turning it into a faint snort. "Like they could catch the great Crow-sama! I'd take to the sky and leave 'em flopping on the ground!"

"... You like it, don't you?"

"Huh? Like what?"

She still refused to look at him, but her eyes had narrowed. "Stealing. It's for those orphans of yours, but you like making the guys after you look like idiots, and you like the thrill, and you like getting away with it! You get that look when you talk about it, like the one Heiji gets when he's solving a case. Energetic and excited and proud and determined."

It wasn't like Crow could deny any of it, but he had just now arrived at the realization that he'd been spending time with someone who had been on the other side ever since she had been born. Not only that, but he'd never had close interaction with anyone like that, other than Ushio. And the same had to be true for Kazuha; for all of the murderers and thieves she'd encountered and helped to take down, she'd never really gotten to know any of them. Her dad was a police officer-- of course she would have learned from his example.

"If I end up in the police force," she was still speaking, and Crow focused on her face once again, noticing just how miserable she looked. "I'll have to think like them, too. I should be thinking like them, too."

While ordinarily he would've taken quiet Kazuha over yelling-calling-him-an-idiot-causing-him-PAIN Kazuha, Crow couldn't just sit there and watch her look that troubled.

So he did what he did best, and butted in.

"Hey," was all the warning she got, for the next moment, he had managed to straddle her, knees on either side of her body and hands by her shoulders. Enjoying the sight of her widened eyes and half-open mouth but keeping his face composed and serious, Crow leaned in a little closer.

"Tell me, Kazuha." Neither of them were moving now. "Since when've you ever done what everyone else thinks you should do? Screw them-- you do what you want to do, what you think is right, and if anyone's got a problem with that, just know I won't. Hell, if I ever snap and start killing people for selling dangerous cards or something, go ahead and arrest me or throw me into the ocean or whatever it is you do. Don't you just wanna keep the people you care about safe? Nothing wrong with that."

Kazuha was now staring up at him as if he'd just said something shockingly profound-- and he had, he thought proudly. Unable to resist, he narrowed the distance between them once more until their noses were touching.

"So," he said cheerfully, "stop looking like that or you'll be lucky if I even think about letting you chase after me, you idiot girl."

The brunette turned red, sputtered, and shoved him off her, much to his amusement.

"Stop talking like that's an honor, idiot!"

"That's Idiot-sama to you!"

"An idiot is an idiot, Idiot-han!"

"Is that any way to thank your punching bag??"

Kazuha grumbled and pushed herself to her feet. Crow started to do the same, but stopped when her outstretched hand entered his field of vision.

"It's not like I'll be 'chasing after you' anytime soon, so no point in thinking about it," she muttered, averting her eyes. "But still..."

Thanks went unsaid, but not overlooked.

Crow grinned, grabbing her hand and pulling himself up. "Don't mention it."

[User Picture]From: ningen_demonai
2009-07-29 03:42 am (UTC)
Ooooh. I have no idea who this "Crow" is, but he kinda reminds me of Kaito. I like! :D
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: starswing
2009-07-29 04:05 am (UTC)
He's definitely an... interesting character, and one of my favorites, considering I do love to mock Yu-Gi-Oh! series. XD
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
From: ozyxby
2013-02-17 05:18 pm (UTC)
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