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Island-verse, 1sentence - "beta set", Amu [Apr. 4th, 2010|08:55 pm]
Dignified Squee-- Writing Community of the Insane



#01 - ♥ Walking
Amu's exercise consisted mostly of getting dragged everywhere, whether it was by Kukai or Flay, and so when Ruby dropped by the church to ask if she just wanted to walk, she nearly wept with relief.

#02 - ♥ Waltz
She was awkward at best, and must have stepped on Ikuto's feet at least seven different times, but he simply lifted her enough to place her on his shoes and danced with her that way.

#03 - ♥ Wishes
"You're protecting everyone's dreams and wishes!" Utau snapped, and tugged the blanket over her, adding, "Then get some sleep already, really, do I have to do everything?"

#04 - ♥ Wonder
She held the egg carefully in cupped hands as it shook, chipped pieces of shell falling off, and she lifted shining eyes to Ruby's face as the egg gave one final shake and the baby Pokemon fell into her hands.

#05 - ♥ Worry
"Ummmm..." Amu dubiously stared at the Feebas now gazing lovingly at her, and shook her head. "I think it's sick."

#06 - ♥ Whimsy
She could only be grateful that everyone thought it was the island being capricious and stuffing her in random outfits, instead of sticking her in the costumes she wore when she transformed.

#07 - ♥ Waste/Wasteland
The once-beautiful island had been transformed into a place filled with fighting and suspicious people exchanging hateful words and blows, and Ikuto only gripped her hand and hurried her further along to safety.

#08 - ♥ Whiskey and rum
Big parties on the island generally meant that most of the participants would be drunk, and Amu knew she'd guessed right when she found Prier snoozing quite happily on top of Kururu.

#09 - ♥ War
"War" was a big concept for someone who'd yet to enter middle school, but that was what awaited her when she got back, and the loss of everyone's dreams was too great of a cost for her.

#10 - ♥ Weddings
By way of explanation, Amu held up three invitations, all of them to Negi's wedding, but one was to someone named Chisame, another was to a girl named Azusa, and the third was to her, and when Negi saw it, he immediately went off to find his culprit father.

#11 - ♥ Birthday
It still felt strange to celebrate her birthday without her family, but all of the friends she'd made on the island banded together to make it memorable-- and Blade definitely did that when he tore his way out of her cake.

#12 - ♥ Blessing
"I want to go home," she told Ruby truthfully, "but if I hadn't been brought here, it would've taken me longer to learn what I do now, about myself and what I can do."

#13 - ♥ Bias
Amu glanced down at the little black kitten snoozing in her lap and wondered if she was in any way biased.

#14 - ♥ Burning
She wasn't an arsonist, but when Kururu became particularly annoying, she entertained thoughts of burning that curry spring of his.

#15 - ♥ Breathing
"Okay, first lesson is to breathe," Nagi instructed, and waited until Amu realized he wasn't going to drop her to her death.

#16 - ♥ Breaking
Even with the cloak on her head, she could hear the colossal creature's screams and the thud as it hit the ground and, though she knew Nagi was doing it to protect the other islanders and that it probably had no issues with attacking, that didn't prevent her from sobbing as quietly as she could with the cloth as cover.

#17 - ♥ Belief
If she wanted Laharl to stop whatever he was doing, all she had to do was say that she believed in happiness and love and sunshine and lollipops and it worked like a charm.

#18 - ♥ Balloon
In a feverish haze, the only thing Amu could think to say as Crow carried her to the blimp was, "I really hope that balloon doesn't pop, it would be really loud..."

#19 - ♥ Balcony
Ikuto lifted her onto the pew, then knelt down, and before Amu could ask what he was doing, he said, "I'm reenacting the balcony scene, but we're a little short on balconies right now, so use your imagination."

#20 - ♥ Bane
The instant Blade's face crashed through the wooden panel, Amu knew her life had just gotten ten times worse.

#21 - ♥ Quiet
They shared a rare moment of silence after the weekend had ended, each one thinking about the chaos, the hurt, and how people would put things back together, but then Kukai dropped a hand on her head and said lightly, "Glad that's over!" and it was business as usual.

#22 - ♥ Quirks
Being a pint-sized demon overlord was only one of Laharl's quirks, according to Amu, but then there was also having an agenda against the Easter Bunny, making a girl in a towel his vassal, and telling her that she wasn't allowed to develop a chest-- she'd given him the longest friendship speech she could muster at that last one.

#23 - ♥ Question
"So, um, Ruby, if I - hypothetically - happened to be a magical girl, what would you do?" "... I would design your costumes immediately."

#24 - ♥ Quarrel
When anyone else quarreled, it was a sign of conflict between the two parties, but when Utau and Amu started bickering, it just meant they were reaffirming their friendship in the only way they knew how to.

#25 - ♥ Quitting
Most of the time, she really just wanted to say she quit, but she didn't want to envision the look on Chii's face... nor the look on Flay's and the damage her hearing was sure to suffer.

#26 - ♥ Jump
"Hop, step, jump!" She heard, and it was all Amu could do not to cry out "Ran?!" until she noticed that it was just that team on rollerskates practicing.

#27 - ♥ Jester
She tugged at a bell on her cap, muttering "Very funny" when Kukai grinned and asked if she was finally getting into her role as Joker.

#28 - ♥ Jousting
It was a weird event, where the "steeds" in the jousting tournament were actual people, and she could count herself lucky that she'd gotten used to perching on Flay's shoulder so that she didn't get knocked off in the first round.

#29 - ♥ Jewel
"A rare gem, indeed," Blue murmured, studying the Humpty Lock, and Amu nodded her agreement, not quite willing to tell him just what made it so special.

#30 - ♥ Just
"So it's not like I even know who I am or who I want to be yet--" She stopped as Ruby smiled at her and said plainly, "You're just Amu, aren't you?"

#31 - ♥ Smirk
She didn't think it was possible for frogs to smirk, but Kururu was proving otherwise as he took off with the camera.

#32 - ♥ Sorrow
So she didn't know why Ranka looked so sorrowful-- that didn't stop Amu from sitting beside her and asking for advice, which miraculously perked the older girl up immediately, just as she'd planned.

#33 - ♥ Stupidity
"I need to know smarter people," she told Negi with an exhausted sigh after recounting another tiring day with Flay and Blade, and the mage patted her shoulder sympathetically.

#34 - ♥ Serenade
The strains of the violin were beautiful, and Amu closed her eyes and sang along, forgetting they were supposed to be enemies and focusing solely on the beauty of the music.

#35 - ♥ Sarcasm
She'd made the mistake of saying "Yeah, sure, let's fight evil" to Flay while rolling her eyes-- and now she was being hauled along in search of villains and monsters to punch and regretting ever opening her mouth to begin with.

#36 - ♥ Sordid
Rarely anyone came to the church for confession, but when Amu fell asleep in there and woke up to hear, "And Azu-nyan and Amu-tan are just adorable, I have an entire photo collection, is it a crime to see if Amu-tan wears bear panties?", she never did that again.

#37 - ♥ Soliloquy
"It's not like I like him, he's just a stupid soccer player, and maybe his smile is nice, but everything about Ikuto is nice, and I definitely like him and I don't like that guy, so he should stop talking to me, that's right, I'll definitely beat his ramen record and--"

"... Utau, who are you talking to?"

#38 - ♥ Sojourn
It was temporary, she kept telling herself, she would wake up one day and she would be home with her Charas and her family and her friends and-- after five minutes of telling herself this, Amu went to go give (the majority of ) her friends hugs.

#39 - ♥ Share
"So I share my blanket with you, and you share your cold, Ikuto? How is that fair??"

#40 - ♥ Solitary
Being without her Charas made her reminisce about her days when she'd been separate from everybody else-- which lasted about as long as it took for Kukai to come out of nowhere with a headlock.

#41 - ♥ Nowhere
"We're in the middle of nowhere!" she wailed to Ruby, who said happily back, "But isn't it beautiful??"

#42 - ♥ Neutral
Amu disliked being on opposing sides, and being on the island with Ikuto and Utau convinced her that being neutral was the way to go-- and if Ikuto hadn't been more insistent on being more than neutral, maybe it would have worked.

#43 - ♥ Nuance
When she first heard Laharl laugh, she wondered if he and Tadase were somehow related.

#44 - ♥ Near
It was stupid to miss Ikuto (because who would miss a lazy perverted cat?), but for a few nights after he'd vanish, Amu would wake up and there wouldn't be anyone smirking beside her and telling her she kicked in her sleep.

#45 - ♥ Natural
"Of course it's natural!" she yelped, glaring at Ruby as she touched her hair protectively, "so don't talk about dyeing it!"

#46 - ♥ Horizon
Negi took her up on his staff one day, with Amu shakily perched there as they watched the first rays of the sun light up the horizon.

#47 - ♥ Valiant
X-eggs appearing on the island hadn't been anticipated, but Amu shared firm nods with Utau and Kukai-- Charas or not, they weren't about to let this go untouched.

#48 - ♥ Virtuous
Half of the school had been convinced that she was a reckless rebel, but she was a good, sweet kid-- and, meeting Kallen, there was something about the other girl that had her thinking that things were the other way around.

#49 - ♥ Victory
Getting through the haunted house in one piece was a victory that she never wanted to go through again, no matter how much Flay laughed triumphantly.

#50 - ♥ Defeat
Amu had never felt so hopeless and helpless as when the island had been seized by paranoia, when she couldn't heal everyone's hearts, and she couldn't stop herself from crying when Kukai's own suspicion vanished from his eyes and he gave her his usual sunny grin.

[User Picture]From: meikyubutterfly
2010-04-06 09:54 pm (UTC)
This was so cute, Kia! ;w; Quarrel and Soliloquy are my favorites ♥
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