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Title: When You Fall Fandom: Zettai Karen Children/Transformers… - Dignified Squee [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Sep. 7th, 2009|09:24 pm]
Dignified Squee-- Writing Community of the Insane


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Title: When You Fall
Fandom: Zettai Karen Children/Transformers
Characters: Jolt, Naomi, THE CHILDREN
For: forgo
Prompt: In which Jolt meets The Children and Naomi is amused
Notes: ... I will stop writing crossovers one day, but probably not anytime soon.
Summary: ... See prompt.

There was no better feeling than flying, the exhilarating feeling of liberation the instant her feet left the ground, the way the wind guided her movements... normally, Naomi would have been content to just bask in the sensation, but she rarely flew these days, unless it was for a mission.

Now she dodged, spinning out of the way of a sloppily-aimed psychic blast, gradually increasing her speed until she was a mere blur in her opponent's eyes. He was less experienced, a Level 5 psychokinetic teleporter, but that didn't make him any less dangerous. Naomi had been underestimated too many times to even consider doing the same to anyone else.

"I understand you're frustrated at how espers are treated," she called to him, waiting until she'd blocked his next barrage (and destroyed a car he'd teleported above her head) to speak. "But you shouldn't have attacked innocent people. I won't allow you to hurt anyone!"

The man snarled his rage at the Wild Cat, preparing for another attack, but Naomi had been patient long enough and struck first; her own psychokinesis kicked into effect, the overwhelming pressure of it forcing him to the ground.

"Just stay there and--"

"Esper!! Activate the ECM immediately!"

"Roger that!"

She felt it before it truly took hold, a suspended moment, her hair slowly rising above her head, three seconds of dizziness that swamped her, and then she could no longer call forth her power, and she was plummeting. There was no time to scream, and she could vaguely catch panicked voices through her transceiver, but could only manage to hear snippets of what they were saying.

"Naomi-han!! We..."

"... ECCM, get it..."

"Minamoto! Have to... er, or she'll..."

"... Die?!"


The last voice was clear, frantic, and she hit hard metal with a harsh impact that ensured bruises were sure to follow shortly. But the metal curved, and strong fingers curled around her, deliberately gentle, but firm in securing her. Naomi knew this grip and relaxed, wheezing as she sucked in a deep breath of air.

"You're okay," the owner of the hand reassured her, sounding as though he needed more than a little assurance himself. "You're okay, I've got you. Sorry for the rough landing, but I didn't know if I'd get there in time. Naomi? You're okay, right? Say something!"

Ever obedient, Naomi gasped, coughed, and finally succeeded in saying weakly, "I'm okay, Jolt-san."

"Primus, Naomi." The Autobot lifted her up to eye-level, his fingers aiding her as she gingerly sat up. "What was that?? You just-- all of a sudden-- and what was with taking off without even telling me you had a mission? You know I had to hear allll about it from your creep of a supervisor while he was ranting to those other kids?"

The eighteen-year-old flinched, already taking on a sincerely contrite expression. "I'm sorry, but I didn't want to wake you. You were tired, and you looked so peaceful--" Well, as peaceful as a car could look, but Jolt was skillful at conveying emotions, no matter which form he was in.

"Hey..." A light tap to the head would have usually sufficed, but in Naomi's current state, she'd just get a concussion for his troubles, so Jolt refrained. "Remember what I said? If you're ever in trouble, I'm going to be there to catch you. Your life is much more important than a few slagging hours of sleep. Don't you ever doubt that."

"Naomi-chan?" Minamoto, her temporary supervisor for the mission while Tanizaki stayed behind to train "The Little Mice", came on over the transceiver. "I've activated the ECCM; there was an impromptu attack from "The Normal People", but Shiho and Aoi have taken care of them. Kaoru's got the esper under control. Are you all right?"

A little disconcerted from her recent fall and Jolt's unusual seriousness, Naomi nodded-- then caught herself and switched to speaking. "I'm fine, Minamoto-san. I had a little help from a friend."

"I saw," Minamoto said dryly. "Maybe you should introduce us to this friend of yours when he decides to put you down."

That, as it turned out, was exactly what Naomi did. Conducting introductions was simple enough, but conducting them for a giant alien robot and three twelve-year-old girls was a new experience.

"Everyone, this is--"

"Designation Jolt, of the planet Cybertron, a skilled fighter proficient in the use of electric whips," Shiho finished for her, one hand resting on the Autobot's leg without any trace of fear whatsoever. A thoughtful expression crossed her face. "... I wonder. That may be more effective than the taser..."

"Her dark side's emerged," Aoi announced, suddenly appearing in front of Jolt's face, as her friend began to giggle menacingly.

"Wait, wait--" Jolt raised a hand, slightly uncomfortable with this whole thing, but not wanting to shift out of concern that he'd startle the girls. "How'd you even know all of that, anyway?"

"Psychometry," Shiho deadpanned. "All I have to do is touch--" She poked his leg. "... And I can tell anything about whatever I touch. You're brash, impulsive, always jumping headlong into situations without considering the outcome-- a lot like Kaoru-chan."

"Hey!" The redhead of the group objected. "Desperate times call for desperate measures!"

"Groping other women is hardly a desperate measure, you old man."

"I'm a delicate maiden in the flower of her youth!"

"Delicate maidens don't hit on girls!!"

"I'm appreciating beauty!!"

"Aoi-chan is a Level 7 teleporter," Naomi explained calmly, glancing up at Jolt as Aoi teleported back to the ground to continue her argument with Kaoru. "Kaoru-chan is a Level 7 psychokinetic. They're amazing, aren't they?" She said this with no trace of envy or jealousy, but her smile was a little wistful when she looked back at the younger girls.

Jolt only nodded, trying to grasp the meaning behind her smile. Was she sad that she wasn't as powerful as they were?

"Naomi-san isn't like that." He'd almost forgotten the third girl, who had picked up on his thoughts immediately. "She's happy to help out with what power she has. She was just lonely, since she's never had a close friendship with anyone like the three of us do, but then she met you. She's very fond of you."

Okay, this was just getting unnerving. "You read that from her?"

Shiho smirked. "I didn't have to. Naomi-san is a very honest person-- I can tell without having to touch her. Just like how I can tell you're fond of her, too-- it's sweet that you came all the way here just to be with her. Oh, so robots can get embarrassed!"

Jolt stepped away and returned to his vehicle form, just as the adult of the group moved forward to scold his charges. This lasted about as long as it took Naomi to spot that Jolt's windshield was dirty, and then The Children were immediately clamoring for permission to clean him off-- except the clamoring went on for only ten seconds, and then Aoi was teleporting a large bucket of soapy water, and Kaoru was flying off to get the hose, and Shiho amused herself by announcing little facts about Jolt's life (most of which he wanted to remain unknown) every time she scrubbed a window.

For her part, Naomi was sympathetic, gently guiding the conversation topic to something more innocuous when she could sense Jolt was getting uncomfortable. Finally, the group could return to headquarters, with the three young espers pestering Minamoto to look into getting them more of Jolt's friends to "play with".

The Volt sighed heavily when they were out of sight and earshot. "I feel bad for Ironhide already."

"They really are very nice," Naomi replied. "Just... somewhat enthusiastic, but they mean only the best."

"I know, they're good kids." Jolt paused, then added, "But I like you better."

To receive a compliment from a blue Chevrolet was yet another new thing, but Naomi only beamed and patted his hood.

"Of course, if they start up a car wash business..."


"Kidding! I'm kidding!"