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AAAAAAAAAAAH WHY [Nov. 20th, 2009|03:07 am]
Dignified Squee-- Writing Community of the Insane


[mood |dorkydorky]

Title: Bonds
Fandom: Island-verse ---> 5D's-verse, Detective Conan/Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's crossover.
Characters: Kazuha, Crow, Jack, Yusei
For: sevetenks
Prompt: Kazuha meets Crow's best friends. Kind of. I hate it when things run away from me baaaw.
Summary: ... See prompt.

Chasing after a childhood friend chasing after a man who'd invoked his creative abilities in order to murder his business partner with three mint-flavored toothpicks was bad enough.

Chasing after a childhood friend chasing after a man on a rooftop at night was ten times worse.

It could have gone much more smoothly, Kazuha reflected, for once thankful for the work-out she got in aikido and gym class as she sprinted after her friend. Had Heiji not made the proclamation that the killer was right in front of him and then bombarded him with evidence and reasoning, the man wouldn't have had time to prepare himself and make a break for it with the young detective in pursuit no less than five seconds later. Had Kazuha not been such a good friend with a bad feeling, she wouldn't have run after him.

But she was, and she had, and so (six flights of stairs later) the brunette found herself at the tail end of a high-speed chase on foot and very unhappily vowing to give the person who'd designed the building a piece of her mind for making the roof stretch out forever.

That thought fled her mind, however, when some chilling instinct brought about from years of dangerous situations made her turn her head.

As it turned out, she hadn't been the last one chasing them after all.

A partner?!

The gun-wielding man clearly hadn't expected the high-schooler to whip around so suddenly, which gave Kazuha the opening she needed. By the time he'd lifted the gun to take aim, she had closed the distance between them, seized his wrists and twisted to get him to drop his weapon, and pivoted with enough force to throw him over her shoulder before he could do more than shove her roughly off-balance. As she'd known, the man flew and landed hard, but the footwork required to make him do so (as well as that shove) had put her too close to the edge of the roof. All it took was an unwitting step backwards, which turned into a stumble when she realized all too late that her balance had been compromised, and then open air greeted her.

She fell.

It was said that you could see your life flash before your eyes right before you died, but Kazuha witnessed no memories, no epiphanies, just a flare of crimson at the moment she reached out to grasp something, anything that would somehow reverse the inevitable.

Air roared in her ears, then was abruptly silenced by a deep pressure as she landed in what... felt like water. She might have questioned this oddity, as they'd been nowhere near a body of water, but her head struck something hard, and the pain swamped everything else until it went completely black.

Her last conscious thought was that Heiji would be ranting about this one for days.


Kazuha hadn't expected to open her eyes anytime soon-- or ever again, for that matter, but she immediately regretted it when the light burned her eyes and forced them shut again until her vision properly adjusted. Then and only then did she attempt to ascertain her surroundings, all of which were unfamiliar.

She was lying on a faded-looking couch with a blanket carefully tucked around her, while the rest of the room contained a variety of odd objects ranging from stacked ramen cups to a series of faintly-lit computers and three machines that at once looked foreign and vaguely familiar. Especially one of them...

The girl slowly sat up and swung her legs to the side to push herself to her feet. This action was another one she soon regretted when a wave of dizziness made her legs buckle and she toppled over with a yelp.

"What the hell was that?!" The shout came from somewhere over her head, or so Kazuha thought-- her thinking was a little fuzzed around the edges. Loud footsteps soon followed that, and the voice only grew louder as it got closer. "Jack, if you built another thing that collapsed again, just give it up and leave the mechanics to Yuse-- shit, Kazuha!"

The room was still spinning and dancing from side to side, but she managed to focus enough on the face that entered her field of vision to pinpoint certain characteristics. Yellow tattoos-- no, she remembered distantly, they were called Markers, spiky orange hair, gray eyes that were narrowed, but not angry. Was it concern?

"What happened? Why'd you wash up here? And why the hell were you lying on the floor? I put you on the couch for a reason, you know! You've still gotta be stubborn, don't you?"

It would have been complaining from anyone else but, as he shifted to lean her against him, there was a gentleness in his movements that didn't go fluidly with his tone. Kazuha sensed it, and smiled wearily.

"You talk too much, Spiky-han."

Her voice, even to her own ears, was weak and hoarse, but Crow seemed to be relieved that she was even speaking at all and gave her a grin.

"Like you can say that," he muttered, raising his voice to call upstairs. "Hey! Yusei, Jack! I could use a little help with our patient here!"

"I can sta--!" Kazuha was cut off by a glove pressed against her mouth, which further muffled the angry insults she then began rattling off.

For his part, Crow kept his hand there while his free arm kept the girl propped against him. "Sorry, Kazuha, not happening. Just let us take care of this, or I'll leave Jack here to babysit you. Trust me, you'll hate it."

She glared, but the muffled threats subsided by the time more footsteps were heard and two strangers crouched down in front of her. The first was ridiculously tall with a haughty expression, blond hair, and piercing violet eyes. The other won the Weird Hair award with black-and-gold spikes, with a marking similar to Crow's under one eye and blue eyes that gave away nothing.

"I'll give you a hand," the shorter one said to Crow, already moving to get Kazuha's legs.

The taller one snorted imperiously. "Can't Crow carry her by himself? She doesn't look that heavy. Crow! Quit being lazy!"

"I don't need to hear that from you when you still can't even hold a job!" Crow snapped. "And she's got a head injury, remember? You think I'm gonna risk jarring her and make it worse? Not all of us have a thick head like yours, Your Majesty!"

"Ha! Unlike you, I've never possessed the foolishness needed to continually damage my skull!"

"What did you say?!"

"You heard me, you fool!"

Kazuha was very quickly developing a headache on top of an already pounding pain in her skull, and the only one of the trio that wasn't engaged in a screaming match offered her a faint, sympathetic smile.

"Crow, Jack." Although his words were quiet, the tone of authority was unmistakable, and the two quieted. "You're forgetting what needs to be done."

If they had forgotten, Kazuha very kindly reminded them by trying to stand on her own again. This, at least, succeeded in more dizziness and Crow and Yusei both springing into action and picking her up to place her back on the couch.

Two aspirin, a glass of water, and a round of introductions later, Kazuha finally learned what had happened. In the process of helping a friend of theirs try and restore his memory, they had gone to the place where he'd washed up. However, instead of any clues, they'd found a bedraggled and unconscious girl there, one Crow had recognized and "raised too much of a fuss over" (according to Jack, right before Crow punched his shoulder). They'd brought her back to the garage where they were staying and gotten some medical aid from their landlady, and she'd been out for three days.

In return, Kazuha had explained her own situation, starting with the pursuit of the criminal and ending with falling off the building and hitting her head on something. She didn't notice the looks the three gave each other when she mentioned seeing a red light, but the mood became considerably heavier after that. So now what? hung over the four of them, unspoken but not ignored.

"You're probably stuck with us for now," Crow said at last, resting his hands on his knees. "Zora already threw a fit about a girl being here with all us guys, but I figured you'd want at least one familiar-- and good-looking-- face around when you woke up, so she said it was fine while you were recovering."

Head injury or not, Kazuha's inclination towards banter hadn't waned a bit. "I don't know about the good-looking part," she remarked lightly.

Crow immediately looked wounded, while Jack smirked. "Of course. Everyone knows that the only good-looking one of us is m--"

"Although I guess you're better than Goldie-han over here," Kazuha concluded.

"HA! Hear that, Jack??"

"I heard lies from an invalid!! And do not address me as such, woman! I am Jack Atlas!! JACK ATLAS!!"

"... Heard you the first time."

Jack growled something about being insufferable and needing coffee and stalked out with the air of a highly affronted and expensive cat.

Crow snorted, watching him go, but his smile returned when he glanced at the girl. "Jack can be an ass, but he's there for his friends, so don't let him get to you. I've gotta get to work, but..."

"I'll be fine," Kazuha assured him, although it was more uncertain than she would have liked. There was still a lot to take in, and she couldn't help thinking of her family and how worried they had to be. What if she couldn't get back home? "Just don't steal anything."

"Who, me?" He shook his head with a broad grin. "Not this Crow-sama! Yusei, I'll leave her to you." One hand reached out, as if he was about to ruffle her hair, but he thought better of it and turned to go. "See you guys tonight!"

Five minutes later, he was gone, leaving Kazuha with a guy who had barely spoken more than seven words at any given time. The two of them sat in silence for awhile, before Yusei broke it.

"He told us about the island, and the people he met."

"Really..." Kazuha shook her head, reaching up to touch the bandages that adorned it. "That guy, it's like he's changed a lot, but at the same time, like he hasn't changed at all. He's still annoying and..."

Yusei gestured at the blanket on the couch. "We don't have a lot of things here, but he gave you his blanket. He's been sleeping without it these past few nights."

There was another long silence, in which the Osakan girl stared down at her hands. "... That part of him hasn't changed either." She sighed, then added, "I'm sorry. I kinda threw everything out of order, didn't I?"

He smiled then, still a small one. "You're Crow's friend, and he cares a lot about you. You may be new here, but you'll form bonds, and if you're Crow's friend, you're ours too. Don't think you'll have to do this alone."

Her answering smile was brighter.

"... Thanks, Yusei-kun."


It was late when Crow returned, with Yusei and Jack both asleep and Kazuha still on the couch; it was usually Bruno's spot, but he'd opted to stay with Ushio and Mikage for the time being.

The girl in question was currently curled under the blanket when Crow checked on her. Satisfied, he turned to go, but was stopped when a hand caught the back of his shirt.

"I don't do lullabies or bedtime stories once you're over seven," he said casually, and was rewarded with a skeptical noise from the newly-awake brunette.

"Your singing would probably just give me nightmares."

"Yeah, yeah... speaking of, shouldn't you be sleeping right now?"

It was a simple enough question, but Kazuha didn't answer at first. When Crow glanced at her, it was at the same time that he heard her sniffle.

"... Hey, Kazuha." He nodded towards the couch and she sat up, moving to give him room to sit, which he did. "What's up? You feeling okay?"

The noise she made was affirmation, but she shook her head a split second later. Before he could begin to figure out whether she was feeling sick or frightened, she spoke up.

"Am I dead?"

"Like hell!" The words came out a little more vehement than intended, and Kazuha flinched, so Crow immediately tried to soften his tone. "Look, I know falling off a building and ending up here is bound to be strange, but that doesn't mean you're dead. Besides, who'd put Jack in Heaven? For that matter, who'd put me in Heaven? It's not like I've been the best person."

Kazuha stared at him, seeming unconvinced, so he decided a demonstration was in order. One hand made contact with her chest, earning him a stifled squeak of outrage and what would have been a very painful black eye, had he not then grabbed one of her hands and placed it against his own chest.

"What do you feel, Kazuha?"

Like kicking your ass if you don't move your hand, was the obvious answer, but he sounded serious, so she suppressed it.

And she felt it.

"... Your heartbeat."

"Funny coincidence, I can feel yours too. Now, I'm no doctor, but I'm pretty damned sure that a heartbeat means you're not dead. So, you're not dead, I'm not dead, and neither of us is gonna die anytime soon, so get that thought out of your head right now, got it?" He drew his hand back, only to sling an arm around her shoulders. Slowly, she relaxed. "You're here. For whatever reason, and at this point, it doesn't matter why, you're here. And the Kazuha I know has dealt with way too much shit on an island with fights and dead bodies and events; she could definitely handle being here. And besides..." Now Crow grinned, almost affectionately. "Hate to say it, but you've got a lot of yelling at me to catch up on, don't you? So hurry up and get better. You've got a lot of people to meet, and I wanna see Jack piss you off so you can throw him. Just once, it'd be great to see him fly-- OW, don't punch me!"

"What kind of a friend are you, rooting for him to get tossed?"

"It's just sharing the experience!"

"... I'm going back to sleep before you say anything else stupid."


It was this exchange that Yusei smiled at from upstairs, before he rolled over and went back to sleep.

Kazuha would be just fine. She'd had that bond with Crow from the beginning, and it was that bond that would get her through this.


It took a week before Jack finally called Kazuha by her name, two weeks before he let her lecture him about getting a job to help Yusei and Crow, and a month before he called her his friend, shortly after she'd moved in with Carly.

"Does that mean he'll let Crow date you now?" Rua innocently asked one day over lunch with the twins and Aki.

Kazuha choked.

[User Picture]From: ningen_demonai
2009-11-20 06:41 pm (UTC)
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[User Picture]From: sevetenks
2009-11-20 06:53 pm (UTC)
... awwww Kia this was so awesome omg ;w; *A*

... and Jack being compared to a cat made me lol really bad :(
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[User Picture]From: starswing
2009-11-20 07:22 pm (UTC)
sob I was going to wait and write it at work, but it's been crazy and then it got long and sdkldskldfdf ;-;

... can't you just see him arch his back and hiss. :(
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