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Island-verse, 1sentence - "alpha set", Crow/Kazuha - Dignified Squee [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Island-verse, 1sentence - "alpha set", Crow/Kazuha [Apr. 4th, 2010|08:52 pm]
Dignified Squee-- Writing Community of the Insane


... I do not have an icon for these two. Also I am kind of gay but we already knew that.


01 - ☼ Comfort
Heiji wasn't the best at physical comfort (or any other kind, for that matter), so the first time that Crow abruptly pulled her into a hug, Kazuha was at a loss as to what to do and eventually decided to just go along with it.

#02 - ☼ Kiss
When two people liked each other and one kissed the other, it was common knowledge that the other would kiss back; Crow, however, held Kazuha at arms' length and asked her very seriously if she was in her right mind, if she'd eaten or inhaled something or just felt strange in general, if there was mistletoe above his head, and when she'd answered everything clearly, he said, "Well okay then," and pulled her back in to return that kiss with a great deal of enthusiasm.

#03 - ☼ Soft
"Cuddling" didn't sound very manly, and it wasn't something he'd done since he was a kid and curled up with the others for warmth until Martha took them in, but Kazuha was warm and soft and fit perfectly within the circle of his arms, so Crow could admit that maybe there was some merit to the act after all.

#04 - ☼ Pain
Crow learned rapidly not to lie and say it didn't hurt, because Kazuha's response was to raise her hand, give his shoulder a solid pat, and lift an eyebrow as his yell startled a bunch of birds into flight.

#05 - ☼ Potatoes
Preparing meals wasn't the easiest thing with only one hand, and so Kazuha had agreed to help every once in awhile; Crow wasn't sure what he was happier about: that she was cooking for him (and peeling potatoes like a pro) or that she was wearing an apron.

#06 - ☼ Rain
Crow let himself in the room after a run through the rain, intent on toweling his hair dry-- and Kazuha, knowing that his methods were only going to make his hair puff up to epic proportions, took the towel from him and told him to sit down.

#07 - ☼ Chocolate
He'd tried to return the favor a month after White Day, because he was still getting used to these weird holidays, but it turned out to be a cake instead of chocolate and no amount of asking would get him to reveal how many failed attempts he'd gone through before he went for something easier.

#08 - ☼ Happiness
It felt almost like she was betraying Heiji by thinking it, but Kazuha was actually happier living as a normal girl (Crow had snickered at that until she'd smacked him) instead of being caught up in murder mysteries at least once a month.

#09 - ☼ Telephone
Kazuha was readjusting to her normal life when the phone rang-- and she immediately winced and held it away from her ear when "KAZUHA I SWEAR THIS HAD BETTER BE YOU" blared from the receiver.

#10 - ☼ Ears
One finger traced along the outer edge of his ear, earning a small shiver, and then Crow shifted and stepped away with a mutter of "Stop that, it feels weird."

#11 - ☼ Name
"Crows are bad luck, you know."

"Then isn't it a good thing you've got so many charms? We'll cancel each other out."

"And then we'll have what, no luck at all?"

"We'll have us, that's good enough."

#12 - ☼ Sensual
Crow's idea was that Kazuha's ribbon probably tickled more than his fingers did, and it was true that she'd squirmed a lot more vigorously when he used it, but he'd forgotten to take into account the additional allure it gave her and, in the end, it was her victory.

#13 - ☼ Death
He knew Kazuha had dealt with far too much of it and Crow took extra care in ensuring that he didn't take as many risks-- not because he feared death, but because he feared leaving her behind.

#14 - ☼ Sex
Their first kiss had been between total strangers, their first date had been after Kazuha had very nearly stopped speaking to him and now a shirtless Crow managed to stop kissing her long enough to scoop her up and deposit her on the bed with an explanation of, "We're at least doing this right."

#15 - ☼ Touch
The same girl who could touch a flower's petals so delicately and tie a ribbon neatly could also have him off his feet and flying over her head in a matter of seconds, and Crow grinned foolishly on the ground and thought about how lucky he was that they were friends.

#16 - ☼ Weakness
Kazuha could name almost all of his weak spots: his kids, his friends, free things, that spot behind his right ear, under his arms, his pride-- but she never pinpointed one of his most important ones, and Crow certainly wasn't telling.

#17 - ☼ Tears
It was their first major fight and, as Crow brushed a thumb underneath her eyes to wipe her tears away, Kazuha was startled to see that she wasn't the only one whose eyes were wet.

#18 - ☼ Speed
"DON'T YOU HAVE BRAKES?" she yelled over the roar of the D-Wheel, and Crow laughed and yelled back, "WHO NEEDS 'EM?"

#19 - ☼ Wind
Back in the days when he wasn't sure what he was feeling for his friend, they were up on the cliff and Kazuha was looking incredibly windswept - ponytail flying, bangs disheveled, cheeks pink - and Crow wanted to do nothing more than kiss her.

#20 - ☼ Freedom
"If you're all about flying free, then that means you won't settle down, right?" Crow laughed at that, one arm snaking around Kazuha's waist, and said impishly, "No one ever said anything about flying alone, did they?"

#21 - ☼ Life
She'd seen too much death, and not long after they'd left the mansion, Kazuha placed a hand on Crow's chest and said quietly, "I just wanna feel it, okay?"

#22 - ☼ Jealousy
Crow knew she thought Zack was good-looking, and her level of devotion to that detective guy of hers wasn't anything to take lightly, so he began to wonder what Kazuha thought of him as a male, not just as "that stupid thief"; her response when he kissed her soon let him know that there was indeed a strong attraction there, and those jealous feelings were quick to dissipate with her help.

#23 - ☼ Hands
His hands had been used for stealing, for fighting, for things that she didn't want to hear about-- but no one else's hands could relax her anywhere as quickly as Crow's could when they were rubbing tension from her muscles.

#24 - ☼ Taste
He hadn't told her at the time, but the sample of chocolate he'd swiped off her forehead had Crow tempted to clean the chocolate-made Markers from her face in much the same manner.

#25 - ☼ Devotion
Kazuha would always support Heiji with everything she had, but when Crow had jealously remarked on it, she lightly smacked the back of his head and told him, "You too, idiot."

#26 - ☼ Forever
"I'm not the kinda guy who says sentimental stuff like I wanna be with you forever," he said, forehead resting against hers, "but I'm gonna make damned sure I stay by your side and forever'll have to figure out that I'm for keeps."

#27 - ☼ Blood
"Boys," Kazuha grumbled, her sharp tone clashing with the gentleness with which she bandaged his arm; "It's like you can't go a day without-- hey, Spiky-han, don't lean on me, you'll get blood on my shirt!"

#28 - ☼ Sickness
She was the only girl he knew who'd insist on practicing aikido instead of taking a break to rest, and Crow only sighed as he settled her in bed and rested a palm on her hot forehead, intent on scolding her instead of letting her know that she'd nearly scared him to death when she'd collapsed.

#29 - ☼ Melody
Kazuha didn't have Tear's vocal prowess, but it was the warmth and happiness within the simple songs she hummed that brought forth an equally warm smile on Crow's face.

#30 - ☼ Star
"You never told me what you wished for," she remarked drowsily as she leaned back against his chest; Crow rested a hand on her head, eyes focused on the brightest star, and answered, "Doesn't matter-- I got what I wanted."

#31 - ☼ Home
Home was where his kids were, his closest friends, a world where dueling was the norm, and he was happy to be back there for the most part, except that this nest was missing one very important bird.

#32 - ☼ Confusion
It was true that Orihime and Kazuha could easily converse about anything and everything, but she hadn't expected Kazuha to turn to her one day, her expression conflicted, and ask, "If you kiss someone back, that means you like them, right?"

#33 - ☼ Fear
The kid was young, but that hair was unmistakable, and Kazuha crouched down in front of him with one hand extended, willing to do her best in order to banish the wariness in those large gray eyes; "So you like Duel Monsters?" she asked, and for the rest of the day, he stuck to her side like glue.

#34 - ☼ Lightning/Thunder
Kazuha isn't afraid of lightning, but she does dislike the memories it invokes of past cases (the woman catching on fire in front of her and falling into the river, the eerie light illuminating the corpse of the woman just outside, the steady rumble of thunder just barely audible over Heiji's panicked voice when she opens her eyes and finds herself suspended from a multitude of strings) and Crow insists on pulling her close and doing everything in his power to make her forget, if just for a little while.

#35 - ☼ Bonds
"If I followed it, I'd find you," he told her, and ruffled her hair; "Small stuff like different worlds doesn't make a damned difference."

#36 - ☼ Market
The island had done some new market and they'd decided to take the kids-- with Crow holding Alice by the hand and Yotsuba riding piggyback on Kazuha with Ai and Conan walking just up ahead, they got a lot of comments about what a cute family they made, and Kazuha didn't stop blushing for the rest of the day.

#37 - ☼ Technology
She knew they were just holograms, that the whole thing was just super-advanced technology, but the more she stared at the cards in her hand, the more Kazuha felt that Crow's Black Feathers were more than just scraps of paper.

#38 - ☼ Gift
"It's my favorite," Kazuha said sternly, and passed the ribbon over, "so I'm expecting it back when I see you again-- don't think you're keeping it for good!"

#39 - ☼ Smile
They were more prone to arguing than anything else, but Crow made a point of getting a smile out of her at least once, whether it was from a thoughtful remark or a joke or if he had to coax it out through teasing fingers.

#40 - ☼ Innocence
He laughed when she insisted she was, but never once told her that he did see her as innocent, in that originally, the way she saw thieves was purely black and white, and that was how she managed to keep doing what she needed to do; meeting him, Crow reflected, might have just made things harder for her.

#41 - ☼ Completion
It took a few days of adding and subtracting and replacing cards, but neither of them complained, and they now eyed the completed deck with the air not entirely dissimilar to proud parents.

#42 - ☼ Clouds
Sunsets were supposed to be romantic, but that plan fell apart when Kazuha pointed to one particularly orange cloud, managed "It looks like your hair migrated", and burst into laughter.

#43 - ☼ Sky
The sky that day is a rich cerulean, with the very edges a lighter and more delicate color; it takes Crow awhile to figure out where he's seen that shade before, and then he realizes it's the exact color of Kazuha's eyes when she's surprised.

#44 - ☼ Heaven
"What's so great about Heaven? The only divine body I need is right h-- OW, can't you just accept a good line when you hear it, you violent girl?!"

#45 - ☼ Hell
As many murders cases that Kazuha had been involved in, it was listening to Crow recount his experience with the Dark Signers that convinced her that he was the one who'd seen true hell.

#46 - ☼ Sun
He'd told her about the legendary D-Wheeler who had disappeared into the sun, and Kazuha's first thought had been the story Heiji had told her about Icarus and what happened when a person strayed too close-- Crow was the type of person who could reach that level and fly beyond it, as if he were the sun itself, and that thought made her smile.

#47 - ☼ Moon
When she was on her back and staring straight up at the sky, it felt as though she could reach out and grab the moon; Kazuha stretched out her hand, fingers straining, and thought she could feel the phantom brush of someone else's fingers against hers-- imagining that Crow was doing the same in his own world at that moment lent her a strange sense of comfort.

#48 - ☼ Waves
"Committing it to memory?" Kazuha asked, having run across the Signer staring out at the ocean; a few seconds later, Crow flashed her a grin, answered "No better way to do that than experience it firsthand!" and dragged her into the waves, clothes be damned.

#49 - ☼ Hair
The ribbon was cute and Kazuha's trademark, the way he saw it, but the very first time she pulled it free and let her hair down, Crow couldn't tear his eyes away.

#50 - ☼ Supernova
It was harder to say which one of them was the worst to anger, since either one's temper could very easily explode once set off and results were always catastrophic.

[User Picture]From: 17_going_on_8
2010-04-08 04:30 pm (UTC)
...the image of market will never leave my head and will encourage my shipping of Crow and Kazuha, especially when they're being all parental.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: charmcuffs
2010-04-08 04:35 pm (UTC)
They just need a giant playdate, really.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: 17_going_on_8
2010-04-08 07:13 pm (UTC)
...yes. Yes they do. It'd be epic. [Also has a weakness for family stuff. Even pseudo family.]
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