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Island-verse, 1sentence - "gamma set", Minato/Emiri - Dignified Squee [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Island-verse, 1sentence - "gamma set", Minato/Emiri [Apr. 4th, 2010|08:56 pm]
Dignified Squee-- Writing Community of the Insane



#01 - ↔ Ring
On the nights where the moon was a solid ring in the sky, Emiri would settle herself half out of the window and tip her head up to stare at it and wonder how Minato was doing.

#02 - ↔ Hero
He understood that Emiri wanted to achieve things through her own strength, but that didn't stop Minato from stepping in to help her when she got in over her head; the first few times, it made her unhappy, but she finally laughed and admitted that she was starting to think of him as her own personal hero.

#03 - ↔ Memory
Emiri hissed in frustration, her fist striking the desk as she stared at the word "Persona" she had written over and over again on her test paper-- it meant something important, she knew it did, but the minute she started to grasp its significance, it slipped away and she didn't know why there was such a sense of desperation in needing to recall it.

#04 - ↔ Box
Minato's room didn't hold much in terms of furnishings (beyond the basics, anyway), but on the dresser, there was a box, and in the box, there was a whistle-- when asked about it, he only shrugged and replied that he couldn't really remember how he'd come by it, but that he was pretty sure it was a present and one to be treasured.

#05 - ↔ Run
She hadn't had a purpose for running, except to see what awaited her at the end of it-- never once had Emiri anticipated that it would be a boy with a gentle smile who had made her chase him without her ever catching on.

#06 - ↔ Hurricane
Ikki had laughed maniacally once the hurricane struck, while Emiri eyed their roof with a miserable resignation; sure enough, she was soon at Minato's door with a mumbled explanation that their roof had been destroyed again, and he was already opening the door wider to admit her.

#07 - ↔ Wings
She'd joked that she most definitely wasn't a bird, but when she practiced and soared high above his head, Minato thought he could see her wings perfectly.

#08 - ↔ Cold
The jacket he'd given her helped stave off the chill of the winter weather, but Emiri didn't want to risk getting sick, and when the snow started to fall, Minato usually found her and Koromaru huddled in one of the beds, where she'd cheerfully extend an invitation to join them.

#09 - ↔ Red
"It's not really my color, is it?" Emiri fretted, tugging at the dress the island had placed her in; Minato replied calmly, "I don't know, it's sexy," and from that point, her face was the exact color of the dress.

#10 - ↔ Drink
Minato learned very quickly that it was a bad idea to let Emiri have alcohol; not that being clasped against her breasts was a bad thing, but he really did need to breathe.

#11 - ↔ Midnight
She isn't usually there when midnight strikes, but when she is, she can sense a tension in Minato, nothing overly obvious but one that indicates he's alert and ready to act at any moment.

#12 - ↔ Temptation
It took every ounce of self-restraint she had to maintain a safe distance from Minato, and the moment he left, Emiri collapsed in her hammock and buried her face in her pillow, still feeling the sharp yearning to be as close to him as possible.

#13 - ↔ View
They'd seen many beautiful sights during their stay on the island, but the one most prevalent in Emiri's mind was the view on that snow-covered hill on Christmas Eve.

#14 - ↔ Music
"Okay, okay," Emiri said grudgingly, one headphone on her ear, "she's a really good singer."

#15 - ↔ Silk
She couldn't help it; her reaction to seeing Minato in girl's clothing wasn't to gape or gasp, but instead to inspect his shirt and ask with interest, "Is this silk?"

#16 - ↔ Cover
Haru (seconds before Emiri kicked him) had asked what typically went on underneath the covers, and she'd sputtered and flailed and yelled, "SLEEPING! WITH OUR CLOTHES ON!!"

#17 - ↔ Promise
It was one promise Minato wasn't able to keep and, as he drifted off, he murmured his apology to the one person who was never going to hear it.

#18 - ↔ Dream
After the fifth dream starring some weird old man with a nose almost longer than his height, Emiri finally went to Minato with, "Do you mind telling me how you know Pinocchio's grandpa and why he keeps laughing about 'social links' and fate?"

#19 - ↔ Candle
"It seems to me like you lived your life like a candle in the wind," the radio crooned, and Emiri's balled-up fist hit the button to switch it off before she buried her face back in her arms.

#20 - ↔ Talent
Minato was talented in nearly every aspect imaginable, which was unsettling enough, but when he tried Air Treck for the first time and was pulling complicated tricks within minutes, Emiri and Ikki quietly wondered if there was some part of him that wasn't human.

#21 - ↔ Silence
Emiri wasn't known for her ability to stay quiet, but the more she got to know Minato, the more she learned to read his silence and his soft responses until they could sit there in perfectly companionable silence and she felt nothing but contentment.

#22 - ↔ Journey
"I won't be undertaking this journey alone," the odd-looking woman said, golden eyes direct; "If you want to see him again as badly as your eyes are telling me, I suppose I have found myself a companion."

#23 - ↔ Fire
He'd seemed so subdued and harmless, but Minato's eyes were blazing now as the air was filled with lightning and fire, and Emiri thought that maybe she ought to think about getting to know him better if they survived this.

#24 - ↔ Strength
She considered giving up more than once, but with each fight, Emiri took one step forward, until she was running-- but this time, it was in the right direction; "I've never seen you as anything other than strong, Emiri," Minato said later, his hands on her shoulders, "and I don't think that will ever change."

#25 - ↔ Mask
"Please," she squeaked through her laughter, reaching up to his face, "take off the Pikachu mask, I can't take you seriously at all!"

#26 - ↔ Ice
He'd only been trying to help her cool off by placing the ice on her forehead, but it had startled her so badly that she'd jerked upright and it had fallen down her shirt-- what happened after that was a whole lot of chaos.

#27 - ↔ Fall
The trap door swung open beneath her, dropping Emiri through; to her credit, she landed safely, but to her misfortune, Minato had jumped after her in an attempt to protect her and ended up knocking her over anyway.

#28 - ↔ Forgotten
The way Emiri saw it, they had never really forgotten each other; they had just been placed on hold, and once he saved the world and Kogarasumaru achieved victory, it was time for those other priorities to come forward.

#29 - ↔ Dance
Emiri was still embarrassed to practice the dances Talim had taught her in front of everyone else, but Minato leaned against the tree and waited patiently until she hesitantly began, and then she was a whirl of long legs and fluttering hair and fluid movements and she forgot she had an audience-- until he started clapping.

#30 - ↔ Body
"I said before that you have an amazing body," Minato told her, running a hand down her side and gently coaxing her arms away from her body so that he could admire it properly, "and I stand by that statement wholeheartedly."

#31 - ↔ Sacred
What was important to remember about dating Emiri, he soon learned, was that no topic was sacred, something quickly recalled when she turned to him with reddened cheeks and blurted out, "Just so you know, Minato-kun, you can take me whenever you want!"

#32 - ↔ Farewells
They were both lousy at good-byes, but they shared a smile, prepared to leave it at that-- and then Emiri growled, "Screw that," and pulled him into a kiss.

#33 - ↔ World
Same worlds, different times, but Minato pointed out that at least their worlds were (pretty much) the same-- and Emiri, thinking of Dante and Teresa, could only nod in agreement.

#34 - ↔ Formal
"Emiri-san" was too formal, now that they were dating, she'd thought, but when he dropped the honorific entirely, it took a complete week for Emiri to stop blushing.

#35 - ↔ Fever
"So you are human," Emiri chirped, carrying a bowl of soup over to her feverish boyfriend; "I was beginning to wonder!"

#36 - ↔ Laugh
The best laugh she'd get out of him was a faint chuckle, which wouldn't have satisfied anybody-- therefore, Minato should have expected to one day find himself flat on his back with Emiri pinning him and muttering, "There's got to be at least one ticklish spot on you!"

#37 - ↔ Lies
As far as reunions went, it wasn't too beautiful; Minato blinked, Emiri snapped, "You liar, you could have at least called to tell me you were going to be playing the part of a doorstop for three years!" and then he dodged her kick, accepted her hug, and told her he'd missed her too and he'd be sure to keep his promises next time.

#38 - ↔ Forever
Forever was a long time, long enough for many people to get cold feet, but Emiri only adjusted the ring on her finger and said very clearly that forever with Minato suited her just fine.

#39 - ↔ Overwhelmed
The first time left Emiri overwhelmed, enough so that when Minato concernedly asked if she was all right, she blinked up at him and replied, "Can we do that again? I sort of lost track when you did that one thing with your fingers."

#40 - ↔ Whisper
When she remembered that there were twelve different... things living inside of his head, Emiri made a point of whispering around him, until Minato told her that really, he was just fine and the voices weren't all that loud anyway.

#41 - ↔ Wait
Anyone who knew Emiri also knew her loyalty and determination were unmatched, and when she said that she was tired of waiting for Minato to return, it didn't mean that she was moving on, it meant that she was going after him herself.

#42 - ↔ Talk
Emiri's imagination occasionally reached levels of overactive when it came to being alone with Minato, but she grew to enjoy the times where they just sat and talked and didn't fall into each other's arms for mad passionate love-making.

#43 - ↔ Search
With the news that Minato was no longer of this world, Emiri wasn't sure what to do next; she'd promised she'd find him, but how was she supposed to search for a person who was now far beyond her reach?

#44 - ↔ Hope
If being stuck in the President's body had taught her anything (besides a lot of English she'd probably never use again), it was that so long as one kept facing forward and didn't let hope die, it was entirely possible to bring about miracles-- and she knew then that she'd see Minato again.

#45 - ↔ Eclipse
He'd only sung it once, but Emiri couldn't even listen to the opening strains of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" without cracking up.

#46 - ↔ Gravity
No matter how high she flew, gravity was guaranteed to drag her back down-- but down was also where Minato was waiting, so Emiri had no qualms with her flights ending.

#47 - ↔ Highway
"Riding along the highway of love," Ikki said knowingly, "and if there are red lights, then he's a normal guy and you'd better flash him some--" Emiri's foot hit him squarely in the jaw.

#48 - ↔ Unknown
The first time Minato raised a gun to his head, she had the feeling that whatever happened next was going to change her life-- or ruin it if she had to reminisce about the time her new friend committed suicide right in front of her.

#49 - ↔ Lock
For the longest time, Emiri couldn't look at a locket without wincing and, after hearing that her partner for that particular event had been Shiba, Minato immediately understood.

#50 - ↔ Breathe
Even after saying they were done with haunted houses, somehow they always ended up running through the hallways and dodging possessed mace-wielding armor, and the greatest comfort Emiri could find was that the harshness of their breathing meant they were both still alive.