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Island-verse, 1sentence - "epsilon set", Judith - Dignified Squee [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Island-verse, 1sentence - "epsilon set", Judith [Apr. 4th, 2010|08:59 pm]
Dignified Squee-- Writing Community of the Insane


... I stand by the statement that Judith is the hardest person to write for EVER.

#01 - § Motion
To remain motionless was to remain stagnant, she'd thought at the time, hiding her tears by burying her face in Ba'ul's scales as Mt. Temza dwindled into a tiny speck, but that was then and now, watching the night trail on and feeling Radu shift beside her, she could readily admit that this was progress as well.

#02 - § Cool
Judith didn't consider herself a showoff, but Black Star continuously yelling "COOL MOVE, JUDITH!" had the curious effect of spurring herself to greater feats of acrobatics until she wasn't fighting so much as aerial dancing.

#03 - § Young
Estelle had always been young to her, second only to Karol, despite the princess being eighteen; time and a changed situation had brought about a new level of maturity, though, and Judith withdrew, watching over her from a difference as she continued to grow.

#04 - § Last
She had been the last, the sole survivor of the massacre that had annihilated her home, and Judith could sympathize with Ba'ul and the twinge of pain and loneliness he transmitted to her whenever an apatheia replaced one of his comrades.

#05 - § Wrong
"I can see why you'd be bitter about humans," she said to Hyobu, just as smoothly adding without a single change in her expression, "but you're very wrong to think that you have the right to judge their entire race."

#06 - § Gentle
As much as Tear made herself out to be a hardened soldier, she was a healer at the heart of everything, and no amount of fighting could abolish that gentle touch that was made to soothe and restore rather than destroy; Judith opted not to point that out-- the girl probably knew it just as well as she did.

#07 - § One
"It begins with one," she said with an amused smile as she scratched the ears of Tear's puppy and looked at its owner, "but if you're anything like Estelle, I'll turn around and there'll be five more."

#08 - § Thousand
"... Or a thousand," she amended a week later.

#09 - § King
It took a lot to surprise her, but hearing that Gash was a king had even Judith doing a double-take.

#10 - § Learn
She figured one punch would make Radu learn that it was a bad idea to keep doing what he was doing; she was right.

#11 - § Blur
Neither of them were the type to stay still, but when Yusuke and Judith got fully involved in their fight, all any of the bystanders could see were sparks of blue-white lightning and flashes of light.

#12 - § Wait
She'd considered waiting for Radu to come around on his own, to explain his odd behavior, but she only entertained that idea for a few minutes before getting to her feet and seeking him out herself.

#13 - § Change
Judith was happy being who she was, but change was inevitable; revealing things she'd never told anyone to people who weren't in her party was proof enough of that.

#14 - § Command
Without Yuri there to govern the group, Judith takes charge-- in that she makes sure Estelle remains in one piece and tells Raven that she hopes he'll be able to behave himself or he just might earn every punch and slap he receives.

#15 - § Hold
She honestly can't remember the last time she held someone, but Tear is struggling to come to terms with a poison that's slowly draining her life, and Judith decides that one of them doesn't need to be strong right now; it's just a single arm around her, a loose embrace, and she doesn't say anything-- she just holds the younger girl and gradually, Tear stops fighting it.

#16 - § Need
That she needs these people in her life is something Judith refuses to say, because she won't make them a necessity and she certainly won't allow herself to be depressed if they all vanish one day and return to their homes-- she prefers to have them there, she'll say if pressed, but friends are something to enjoy and learn from, not be bound by.

#17 - § Vision
The moonlight flattered the two standing by the water's edge, something they both acknowledged with faint smiles and sideways glances, but neither took further action and they remained there, solitary in solidarity.

#18 - § Attention
Judith is skilled at observing without actually looking as though she is, and so while she's conversing with Dietrich and they're sharing smiles, she's looking beyond that and wondering just what is it about this man that makes Radu so miserable.

#19 - § Soul
She asked Maka what her soul looked like, and was highly amused when the younger girl replied, "It's a little scary."

#20 - § Picture
Judith raised both eyebrows when she found out that Hyobu had been selling pictures of certain pairings during that particular weekend, and wasn't surprised at all to discover that Kaito and Crow had bought the ones of her and Tear-- and that Tear had quickly made them regret it.

#21 - § Fool
"I think I'll be foolish for just a minute," and Radu realized all too late that it was a warning, but by then Judith was already kissing him.

#22 - § Mad
There have been three people who made her genuinely angry: one who tried to protect her, one who tried to deceive her, and Judith has long since forgiven the third, but has never been able to forget the sight of Ba'ul thrashing in agony and unable to regain control of himself, his shrieks of pain and madness coherent only to her.

#23 - § Child
They are both children without families, which is why, despite knowing that to show mercy isn't always the best option, neither Judith nor Jay can bring themselves to leave the baby otter to fend for itself.

#24 - § Now
Adell wished that Judith wasn't all about "now", because that never really gave him a chance to fumble for excuses where Estelle was concerned.

#25 - § Shadow
If Estelle is light, pure and radiant, Judith is shadow, always present but with intentions never fully unveiled.

#26 - § Goodbye
"Will I ever understand you?" Radu asks her, and her answer is a smile that reveals absolutely nothing.

#27 - § Hide
Kiyomaro ducks behind a tree, then jumps into the air a split second later when a voice behind him asks, "You're not hiding from me, are you?"

#28 - § Fortune
Crow had mentioned kids he needed to take care of, and stealing, and Judith flipped him a sapphire and told him to sell that; she had no need for the majority of the treasure the party found.

#29 - § Safe
Perhaps staying safe was the best way to live life, but to Judith, that was no way to live at all, and she was already striding ahead into trouble with a serene smile on her face.

#30 - § Ghost
"There there, Shiho, I made sure to stab it seven times, so I think it might choose to enjoy its afterlife somewhere else now."

#31 - § Book
The books in the cabin were a researcher's, as the party knew, but to Judith, they were one of the few things left behind by her father and she closed her eyes tiredly when she couldn't decipher them.

#32 - § Eye
Judith tilted her head, the lock of violet hair falling over one eye, and made a note to ask Tear how she managed that sort of hair style with her vision so limited.

#33 - § Never
She had one rule, and one rule only: anyone who hurt Ba'ul was an enemy and would be dealt with mercilessly.

#34 - § Sing
"Maybe serenading," she suggests, and then has to muffle a laugh that night when she hears Kaito belting out "ALL YOU NEED IS LOOOOOOOVE" and he comes to her the next morning with several bumps on his head to ask for an apple gel or two.

#35 - § Sudden
"Oh, I'm sorry," she told a stunned Leo as she backed up to clear her head from the spray's effect, "would telling you that I was entirely unable to resist you help?"

#36 - § Stop
It was when she stopped and truly looked at him that she realized that Radu wasn't a mystery solely because of his nature, but because she hadn't tried to get closer to him before.

#37 - § Time
They said time stopped while they were there, but Judith thought that wasn't entirely true-- not for the island's captives, anyway, and what would happen when they returned, three years older and inexorably changed?

#38 - § Wash
For the Voyeur Brigade, it's one of their biggest joys to chance upon Judith lounging in the hot springs-- not only because she never wears a towel, but because she doesn't even bother to hide her body and they've yet to figure out she knows they're there the entire time.

#39 - § Torn
Training Tear to use the spear had its difficulties, but Judith spared a glance at her torn outfit, remarked that she needed to step up her speed a bit, and discarded the slashed remnants without batting an eye.

#40 - § History
Her race understands history far better than humans, but Judith ponders how they would react when they learn that one Krityan has made herself a part of it.

#41 - § Power
It's always for power and glory and absolute control, motives Judith can't stomach, and when she occasionally speaks to Jay and Tear about similar situations, she knows they understand.

#42 - § Bother
If she was angry with Hyobu's treatment of everyone around him, she didn't show it, but sometimes he could see a flash of annoyance in her eyes and he knew he'd struck a nerve.

#43 - § God
Men who would be God are incredibly foolish, and when Black Star bellows that he'll be the one to surpass them, Judith truthfully tells him that she'll support this.

#44 - § Wall
"Really," she murmured, shaking her head as Kiyomaro ran off screaming, "I was joking about pinning him to the wall."

#45 - § Naked
Kiyomaro once theorized that the only reason Judith didn't lose her clothes as often as the other islanders during events was because the island knew she wouldn't care and simply go about her business, be it nude or clothed.

#46 - § Drive
The first thing that drove her was her father's will, shared with that of the Entelexeia; Judith never once considered doing things for her own sake until she met the others.

#47 - § Harm
Protective instincts were new to her but, as Judith shifted to block Jay from the view of the man with the false smile, it took more effort than she'd thought to keep smiling instead of punching him in the face.

#48 - § Precious
She hears the story behind Tear's pendant and then, when asked about her own precious item, Judith merely gives her spear a fleeting glance and replies, "It isn't something I can keep on me at all times, unfortunately."

#49 - § Hunger
Hunger was a driving force and Judith, knowing this, made sure to prepare enough food to feed all of the new arrivals, in exchange for the opportunity to meet them-- seeing Karol again made it all worth it.

#50 - § Believe
"I don't believe in luck or fate-- if you want something to change, you need to take control of it yourself."