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Dignified Squee

...Where Chaos Rules SUPREME!

Dignified Squee-- Writing Community of the Insane
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This is basically a community where I can stop flooding my LJ with drabbles and ficlets and challenges, so I (starswing) will be posting them here instead. Feel free to join and/or add this to your f-list, but please don't post any of your own entries here (unless you want to share the comm. Then just ask. XD)

About the name... firstmidnight and I were RPing one memorable day and she used a phrase: "Dignified Squee". It was too cute not to use it again so I asked if I could use it to name this community, and there you go. Thank you~!

Request Thread and Current To-Do List can be found Here~!

~Affiliated With~
110_fangirl- luminamon's writing comm. Home of my dork twin's writing and it is LOVE.
angstbishies- firstmidnight's writing comm. Writes the best angst (and crack and fluff) EVER, and her Ishida-centric ones are zomg liek whoa. *.*
faerietalegone- nomoreprinces's writing comm. Her GinRan stuff is zomg whoa. <3<3<3 In fact, all of her writing's like that!
denshi_drug- keikain's writing comm. Shini is cracky, and her writing... reflects that. XD In a good way.
owari_wa_nai- cross_chord's writing comm. Her writing's varied, so you never know if you're getting crack or smut or oh-my-god-she-made-that-make-sense-when-I-thought-it-was-impossible stuff.
tehuberdork- esotaria's writing journal. My fellow Karakura lover and Knight of Hime, her writing is so... it's so... *.* *has no words to describe the awesomeness*
tsukishine- wrytersblock's writing journal. The stuff she writes is just gorgeous, and she's totally game to write some of the strangest crack pairings the world has ever seen AND MAKE THEM WORK. Love to the Tsuki.
windchild_- shyunpo's writing and graphics journal. Love her and her work, for all is AWESOME.